“J” Automated Trading Strategy – How to Use & Setup Full Guide

1. Step-by-step guide on importing J trading strategy into NinjaTrader 8:

To import a J strategy into Ninja Trader 8, you can use the Script import tool. Follow these steps to access it:

  1. Open the Control Center window and navigate to Tools > Import> NinjaScript. This will bring up the “Import” dialog window.
  2. Locate the strategy file you want to import and select it.
  3. Press the “Import” button to begin the import process.

Once you’ve confirmed the import, wait for it to be completed. After it’s finished, you can start using your new automated strategy or import strategy parameter templates that are optimized for specific markets.

2. How to run a test of the J trading strategy?

J strategy can be particularly useful for future traders that are looking to spread risk across multiple markets and instruments and is definitely worth considering as a potential option in your trading arsenal. Using this strategy, you can trade on different markets and instruments at the same time, which will help you to stabilize your performance and to get a steady return on your investment. It is worth trying out. Let’s prepare our NinjaTrader 8 for testing.

2.1. Adding testing account into NinjaTrader 8.

In order to start testing the strategy properly, we need to prepare NinjaTrader 8, to do this, we need to create at least 2 test accounts that will play the role of testers. We will create 2 accounts for the strategy testing, the first account will be “JStrategyMINI” where we will add our MINI templates, and the second one is “JStrategyMCRO” where all the MICRO templates will be connected.

2.2. Connection pre-defined templates to our accounts.

When you import the strategy into NinjaTrader, the latest set of parameter templates will also be imported automatically. These templates will be used to configure the trading markets automatically. This will save you time and effort in setting up the strategy and ensure that the markets are configured correctly for optimal performance.

All the templates of MINI markets (NQ, ES, YM, RTY, CL, etc.) should be connected to ONE “JStrategyMINI” account that we created earlier, and all the MICRO templates (MNQ, M2K, MYM, MES, MCL, etc.) will be connected to another account, called “JStrategyMCRO“.

Use the newest template (all template folders have a date on it, make sure you are using the newest) set that you can find in the templates folder. 

Now, let’s repeat the same process for the MICRO market templates and add them to the “JStrategyMICRO” account.

Here is the list of the parameters that you need to check carefully in order to make it work. Make sure you have correctly configured these parameters:

  1. Instrument: Make sure the instrument matches the template (each template has the instrument name on it)
  2. Price based on: Last
  3. Type: Minute
  4. Value: Make sure the timeframe matches the template (each template has the timeframe value on it)
  5. Account: Select the account that you want to use for the test (follow the strategy testing video)
  6. Calculate: On bar close
  7. Start behavior: Wait until flat, synchronize the account
  8. Order fill resolution: Standard (as our strategy uses multiple data series for calculation)

It is important to double-check all the parameters before running the strategy to avoid any errors. Make sure to match the instrument, value, and account with the template to ensure the best results.

Ensure that during contract rollover, all your strategies have updated the expiration date of the contract. This is important as sometimes NinjaTrader may not automatically update the expiration date for active strategies.

2.3. Time to test it! J Strategy Activation.

Upon completion of adding all desired templates, activate the JStrategy on each. It is crucial to ensure that the strategy remains continuously running on all templates. Regularly review and analyze the performance of the accounts after a minimum of 4-5 days of trading to evaluate the strategy’s effectiveness.

3. Performance expectations and templates.

To ensure optimal performance of the J Strategy, it is essential to monitor the strategy’s performance for a minimum of 4 days.

Continuously review and ensure that the latest templates provided are being utilized, and stay updated on any new templates released.

As market conditions are constantly changing, utilizing a “set and forget” approach is not recommended. To avoid any potential issues, it is imperative to keep our templates current and updated.

Should the overall performance of an account be impacted by a specific template, it can be easily removed or temporarily deactivated for further analysis.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding templates or the strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us at team@mascapital.uk for assistance.

4. Maximizing Profits with J Strategy: The Importance of Analysis

J Strategy is a powerful auto trader tool that can help you achieve consistent profits in the markets. However, to make the most of this tool, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of its results.

Suppose you’ve set up your J Strategy account as per the instructions in the manual, but you notice that one or more of your strategies are hindering your overall profits. In such a case, you need to identify and remove the underperforming templates by disabling them from your account.

As an example, let’s say you’ve installed 6 templates for different markets on your “JStrategyMINI” account. After a three-day test, you notice that 4 of the templates are performing exceptionally well and yielding profits, while the other 2 are not living up to expectations. In such a scenario, it’s recommended to disable the underperforming templates and retain only those that are delivering positive results.

Practice has shown that templates that fail to deliver positive results in the first 2-3 days of testing are unlikely to improve, and therefore require replacement. On the other hand, templates that show profitability in the initial stage are likely to continue increasing profits in the future.

Summary: J Strategy is an effective auto trader tool that can help you make consistent profits in the markets. To maximize its potential, it’s important to analyze its results and remove underperforming templates. Templates that fail to deliver positive results in the first 2-3 days of testing should be replaced, while those that show profitability should be retained for maximum profits.

Once you have successfully identified templates that are not profitable and turned them off, you can switch the strategies that are profitable to a real account. In parallel, you can continue to identify strategy templates that are profitable in the first 2-3 days in replacement of those that are not achieving the expected results and switch them smoothly to the real account as well on the markets that are currently available and not taken by profitable template already.

5. Q&A section.

5.1. Can I optimize the J Strategy with Strategy Analyzer?

Yes, you can, BUT to ensure the best performance of the J Strategy, we highly recommend using only the templates that are provided by us.

Our team is constantly monitoring market conditions and updating the templates to adapt to the changes.

Using outdated or optimized templates may negatively impact your results. By following the step-by-step guide and connecting the templates as described in the article above, you can ensure the optimal performance of the J Strategy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the templates or the strategy, do not hesitate to contact us at team@mascapital.uk for assistance.

5.2. How many trades does it take every day?

The J Strategy operates by utilizing a combination of templates designed for each market. The number of trades taken in each market may fluctuate based on current market conditions.

However, on average, the strategy aims to not exceed 2 trades per market per day to maintain a cautious and controlled approach.

5.3. How to check strategy trades on the chart?

To monitor the live trades of the J Strategy in the market, you can create a new chart in your Ninja Trader control center, select the desired market that you want to check, and link it to the account that the J Strategy is connected to. This will provide you with a current market position (if there is any existing), as well as the levels of profit and stop orders.

5.4. The strategy didn’t take a single trade, what’s wrong?

To ensure the J Strategy is functioning optimally, it is essential to have it running continuously and to make sure all strategy settings and presets are properly enabled.

This includes connecting the strategy to one or two accounts, depending on whether it is trading in the MICRO or MINI market, and ensuring that all of the required presets are enabled and working properly.

If the strategy did not take a single trade, it may be due to incorrect setup or a temporary market condition that does not allow for trades to be executed.

It is recommended to monitor the strategy for at least 24 hours before making any conclusions. Ensure that all the templates are properly enabled and connected, both in the market and to the account. With the correct setup, the strategy should execute at least one trade within 24 hours.

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