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NinjaTrader 14-day free indicator

Reversal indicator

The indicator creates entry signals on price corrections and reversal levels, which allows for excellent entry points and large potential movement at low risk 

Once the entry signal is plotted, all you need to do is to put a limit order and wait for the price to pullback and fill you in

Accurate indicator for ninjatrader 8

Spot the turning points

One of the most accurate indicators showing possible market reversal points not only with exact entry points but also with ranges for estimated stops and target levels

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Know reversal points

The indicator will show you if it is worth it to enter the market, or if it is on the edge of reversal and is better to wait

Boost performance

By using the indicator you will notice how your trading decisions becoming more accurate

Easy to use

The indicator is applicable to every timeframe, as its principles are universal and work in any market

High accuracy

One of the most accurate market reversal signals you can find that works on all timeframes and markets

Deep configuration

You can change not only the visual part of the indicator but also adjust it to different strengths of pivot reversals

Risk management

The reversal indicator will tell you the possible reversal entry points with calculated risks and profits

1 Month

1 Month subscription plan
$ 89 /month
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3 Months

3 Months subscription plan
$ 229 /3 months
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6 Months

6 Months subscription plan
$ 399 /6 months
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Lifetime access
$ 798 /one-time
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With 14-day trial period

Test indicator for FREE

Before purchasing an indicator, it is crucial to test it for free to make sure it meets your needs. This can be done by using a free trial version of the indicator, which allows you to see how it performs in real market conditions. Try now and decide later!

Reversal indicator 14-day free trial period

How-to use NinjaTrader 8 Reversal indicator

Reversal indicator principals

An indicator has several rules that must be followed. These rules will allow you to use the indicator to its fullest potential

1. We recommend setting your R/R settings to 1:1

2. When the signal appears, the probability of hitting the 1:1 target is approximately 70-90%

3. If you are in a trade opposite to the signal, you can be sure that there is a high probability of hitting 1:1 of the signal

4. Before taking an advantage of a new signal, wait for the previous signal's completion

5. The target from a signal can be x10 times bigger, but not all of them will hit more than 1:1. We recommend you leave a runner on the table

6. You always need to keep in mind: trend direction, market stage, timeframe, levels

7. We recommend using this indicator only on a time-based chart.

8. The best accuracy and best potential targets can be achieved on 5min+ timeframes

Wait for the market work for you

Set a limit entry and wait

The indicator works on the principle of confirming the signal before entering the market. In order to use the indicator you need to wait for the signal to appear and then place an order to enter the market

Once the signal appears, set an entry order at the signal entry level and wait for the market to retrace to pick you up. There is no reason to chase the market. If the price reaches the target without you, that's OK, cancel your order and wait for the next signal

Do not take too much risk, and always consider market direction! Do not forget to cancel your order if the signal already hit the target without you

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Reversal indicator for NinjaTrader parameters

Indicator settings description

1. Draw Risk/Reward?: If it is "ON" indicator will draw a risk/reward tool per trade with a calculated target & stop

2. R/R Tool Template Name: Name of the Risk/Reward template that will be plotted on the chart. Remember, the R/R tool should be set to 1:1

4. Pivot Density: 4 is the optimal value. If there are too many reversal points - use higher numbers 5-10

5. Pivot Confirmation (In Ticks): 1-4 ticks is the optimal value to confirm the reversal pivot point

6. Signal Confirmation Period: The higher the value - the more chances the indicator will give for the market to confirm the pivot point

41 reviews

41 reviews for Reversal Price Action-based Indicator for NinjaTrader 8

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  1. Suzanne Appleby (verified owner)

    Disappointed with the overall experience. Not as effevtice as i’ve expected

  2. Robert Crowe (verified owner)

    Clear and effective. This addON revolutionized my trading approach. Definitely worth the investment.

  3. Paul Hickmott (verified owner)

    I found the Reversal Indicator to be quite underwhelming in terms of performance. The signals were often delayed or outright incorrect, leading to some losses in my trading account.

    Despite following the recommended usage guidelines, I couldn’t achieve profitable results. Not impressed at all. Maybe it’s because i’m novice in the market (trading for just 1 month). I don’t know…

  4. Jonathan Dodds (verified owner)

    Using the Reversal Indicator for a while now , as it become an essential part of my trading toolkit,
    providing valuable insights into market dynamics. The accuracy of the signals is impressive,
    and I’ve experienced a noticeable – increase in my profitability.

  5. Phil Bradshaw (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations in every way! Auto-entry would be nice. Like a button or something 🙂

  6. Tihomir (verified owner)

    The Reversal Indicator is fantasti tool for identifying potential market change points! It’s accurate as F. Easy to use, even for beginners.
    Thumbs up from me!

  7. Kathryn Smith (verified owner)

    It’s incredibly user-friendly and effective, simplifying the trading process while delivering excellent results. I highly recommend it to traders looking for a straightforward yet powerful approach to trading.

  8. Emma Pociene (verified owner)

    The Rev Indicator a joke. It’s overly complex and impossible to implement effectively. I can’t fully understand how it works ‍♂️. Save yourself the headache and avoid this disaster of a trading tool.

  9. Paul Walker (verified owner)

    Helped me identify high-probability trading opportunities and maximize my returns . I’m incredibly impressed with its effectiveness. thanks

  10. Robert Loughnane (verified owner)

    Information appears immediately after the signal in the market! Good one-button entry indicator for Lazy traders like me 🙂

  11. Mrs Christine East (verified owner)

    Purchased the lifetime license. Excellent indicators, especially Easytrade and Reversal. Worth the investment.

  12. Angela (verified owner)

    A five-star experience with an engaging and encouraging learning atmosphere.

    Engaging with the Reversal Indicator, I faced a week-long challenge in deciphering the market entry process. The first week of live trading resulted in a significant gain, showcasing the indicator’s effectiveness.

  13. Ali Kerdegari (verified owner)

    The Reversal Indicator proved to be an absolute pleasure to use! Its user-friendly. Significantly enhanced my trading experience. Despite facing a minor challenge initially, the swift and efficient support team, especially Victoria, ensured a seamless journey. A solid A+ rating for their exceptional service!

  14. Angela Wilson-North (verified owner)

    Indicator works flawlessly. Not a scam. A reliable purchase.

  15. Nigal Goodship (verified owner)

    While the Reversal Indicator adds tremendous value to my trading toolbox, it took some time to get used to it. Placing orders before/on a pullback presented a unique challenge, occasionally resulting in a full market direction change. However, such occurrences are rare, making it a four-star experience overall.

  16. Amanda McLuskey (verified owner)

    Highly recommended indicators. Profitable and excellent support.

  17. Peter Bailey (verified owner)


  18. Norman (verified owner)

    Lifetime License FTW!
    BTW: The Easytrade combined with THIS are the real deal.

  19. Roy Saunders (verified owner)

    Thank you for a job well done !Indicator has exceeded my expectations.

  20. Rod Maclean (verified owner)

    So: I was struggling with my entries, but the Reversal Indicator turned it around. It’s become an essential part of my trading toolkit.
    Learning curve was a bit steep, but support was a lifesaver. Guidance was invaluable in getting me on the right track. Thumbs up! 5:5

  21. Paul Pedder (verified owner)

    Support was a bit slow in responding, but once they got back to me, the issue was resolved efficiently.

  22. Jenni (verified owner)

    as a newbie, I invested time in learning the Reversal Indicator. With Max’s guidance, I made significant gains in my first week of live trading.
    Max is an excellent mentor!

  23. SCOTT BAILLE (verified owner)

    Took some time to get used to it, but once you understand the strategy, it’s a game-changer. Occasionally, pullbacks do turn into major shifts, but it’s rare. 4/5

  24. Ali Tucker (verified owner)

    Hey! I want to express my appreciation for the lifetime license. It has definitely been a worthwhile investment, as I quickly recouped its cost. In my experience, the reversal strategy hasn’t been as effective as the indicator. It’s advisable to acquire this tool and complement it with your market expertise to avoid costly errors.

  25. Gary West (verified owner)

    Versatile Across Different Timeframes
    I’ve used the reversal indicator on various timeframes, and it’s proven to be reliable across the board. Whether I’m scalping or swing trading, it adapts well to different trading styles.

  26. AndyM (verified owner)

    Thiis signal entry add-on for NinjaTrader 8 stands out as one of the finest offerings available . I’ve scoured the market and haven’t come across anything quite like it. Its unique features and effectiveness truly set it apart

  27. Consu REM (verified owner)

    Well, what can I say, it doesn’t work as I expected.

    There is a delay between the appearance of the signal and the trade itself. But as it turned out, this is the way it is designed, because the market entry itself should be carried out immediately after the signal appears and after you put a limit order to enter the market on the entry line.
    Although I expected otherwise, but this tool works surprisingly well.

  28. James Maguire (verified owner)

    Why are there no detailed videos on this indicator?

    I had to guess what to do with it myself.

  29. ruth corcoran (verified owner)

    S L O W answer from support!!!

  30. Zoe Watson (verified owner)

    Thankyou! Good job

  31. Keith (verified owner)

    Being new to the Reversal Indicator, I spent time learning its basics and practicing paper trades for three weeks. Under Max guidance, my first week of live trading resulted in a gain of over 5K. Max clear expertise is a huge asset for newcomers like me, creating an engaging and encouraging learning atmosphere.

  32. wurzel (verified owner)

    a bit hard to get use to it, as it require you to place orders before/on a pullback. sometimes pullback becomes a full market direction change, bt happens rarely

  33. David Henery (verified owner)

    I faced a week-long challenge in deciphering the market entry process using the Reversal Indicator. I extend my gratitude to Victoria, a valuable member of the support team, for her assistance in guiding me through the process

  34. Joanna Sharp (verified owner)

    An absolute pleasure to use it!

  35. Matthew Donlan (verified owner)

    I engaged with the Reversal Indicator and encountered a minor concern during my initial usage. However, the support team was swift and efficient in resolving the issue. They not only acknowledged the problem but also promptly procured the necessary components and had me back on track in no time. Their exceptional service deserves a top-notch rating of A+.

  36. RICHARD HALL (verified owner)

    Easy to use and has made my trading experience so much better

  37. John (verified owner)

    I purchased the lifetime licenes. The indicators being offered are very good. Personally I am using the Easytrade(free) and the Reversal for manual trading.
    It is easy to understand and definitely worth the price.

  38. Steve Linton (verified owner)

    Can’t recommend these indicators enough. Made me some great profit. Great suport too!

    Highly Recommend!

  39. Graham Roberts (verified owner)

    I purchased indicator from them and it works fine. I can’t say this is a scam. Their indicator works great too.

  40. Jayden acevedo (verified owner)

    I recently tried out this trading indicator (after the update release) and was pleasantly surprised by its performance. The indicator was easy to install and use and gave clear and accurate signals. It was also very responsive, updating in real-time as the market moved. Overall, I found the indicator to be a useful addition to my trading toolkit and recommend it to others.

  41. allan cruickshank

    Indicator seems that it would be good if it actually posted the signal on the live chart but what happens in my live testing is there are no posted signals live on any time frame until i refresh my chart and then the signals appear. If this is an issue that can be resolved I would consider purchasing this indicator but at moment its worthless without posted signals.

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