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Kent, TN4 0PB, United Kingdom 
Tel: +44 20 8180 0625



Managed Account Trading – is for the people, who are interested to make more money than interest rate that they get from their bank or for traders that they want to make more out of their money and have a consistent income while they are trading themselves. In this program we host the NinjaTrader platform  on VPS where there is access for both Trader and Client. Client will have consisnent 50% OF ALL PROFIT MADE! View Full Risk Disclosure

Easy To Start

In summary, you can start with, NO/Little market knowledge. We manage risks more effectively, this way you will have passive investment strategy.

No PC Needed*

No need for any PC or internet or any other expenditures, or experience and training. *Except VPS - you will have 24/7 Access to VPS to check our trades or you want to trade yourself.

Security And Trust

We have NO access to your account and money, as it is all hosted on your own brokerage account. As well, as we will sign a contract to add an extra layer of protection for you.

Multiple Profit System

We are offering few different management options for profit made from your initial account balance. Such as: Accumulation (Compound interest), Split, Full Takeout.

* To Enter to this program you need to have a minimum of $2,500 (recommended ($4,000) for Micro NASDAQ (MNQ), and a minimum of $10,000 (recommended $15,000) in your account for NQ (NASDAQ) Futures Contracts. Client must have a VPS (which is hosted by us $100/Month). Client will have 24/7 Access to VPS to check the trades or If he/she wants to trade, client trades does not interfere with our trading.