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Masentry – pullback entry signal indicator

$399.00 available on subscription from $19.00 / week

This indicator works on virtually any market, it uses a combination of price action rules to enter the market, allowing you to get rid of the problem of “lagging indicators”. Precise entry signals on a pullback allow you to get high trading results even in difficult market conditions

Reversal automated trading strategy

$1,990.00 available on subscription from $0.00 for 2 weeks

Automated trader uses the logic of our popular Market Reversal Indicator. Trading strategy enters to the market on price retracements and reversal levels, which allows getting an excellent entry points and a large movement potential with a small risk

Reversal price action based indicator

$499.00 available on subscription from $29.00 / week

The indicator creates entry signals on price corrections and reversal levels, which allows for excellent entry points and large potential movement at low risk. Once there is an entry signal, all you need to do is put a limit order and wait for the price pullback to enter the market

VPS for manual and automated trading purposes

From: $99.00 / month

Connect to remote desktop from work, home, or business trips – to monitor your trades from any location. Your automated trading strategies can run 24/7, without the risk of the computer shutting down

Here you will find all available products from MASCAPITAL.UK for NinjaTrader 8 and other. We provide our customers with free indicators for the futures contracts trading platform – Ninja Trader 8, we also offer virtual server and workstation solutions. For users who are interested in trading on their own or trading with our team, we have a private trading room and a training package for those who want to learn how to trade futures contracts intraday.