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Patrick S.
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I want to say a huge thank you to the team of traders for helping me get funding to trade futures contracts. I decided to continue working with the team further! Thanks!
Emily O.
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Thank you for helping a complete beginner to understand a pretty complex sphere of investments.
- Emily
Mac L.
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In one word - cool. And if more, it is very cool. The guys did their best. The results of trades are published daily, trades are visible live on their channel. Keep up the good work!
Aaron M.
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Thanks for the service. It is very pleasant that you answer on time and without delays.
Brayan S.
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Glad that I found you through Ninjatrader platform. And thanks for the indicators 🙂

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Detailed monthly reports

We are happy to share our trading results with you! Every month we publish a detailed report of all our trades that we made LIVE on our live-stream. You can view each trading day and see the results of the month more closely.

DISCLOSURE: This presentation is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed are those of the presenter only. All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.


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