1 GB/s  Low latency  Intel Xeon  USA Located 24/7 Access

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Virtual servers for manual and automated trading

Low latency VPS

Connect to remote desktop from work, home, or business trips – to monitor your trades from any location. Your automated trading strategies can run 24/7, without the risk of the computer shutting down

Fast & stable

The best solutions based on latest processors, SSD disk systems and DDR4 generation RAM

Truly reliable

Internet connection up to 1000 Mbp/s with 99.9% uptime - perfect combination for trading

Fast install

Server activation ~30 minutes, Windows Server 2019 OS is provided free of charge lifetime

Best price

Plenty of pricing plans to meet all your needs with the best combinations of performance and price

By choosing annual subscription plan

Save money on trading server

With annual subscription, you can save up to $488 per year!


Light VPS

For simple tasks


$1,069/annually (You save $119/year)

Starter VPS

For simple tasks


$1,249/annually (You save $179/year)

Standard VPS

For daily standard use


$1,417/annually (You save $251/year)


For all trading tasks


$1,770/annually (You save $378/year)


For tasks of any kind


$1,900/annually (You save $488/year)


Maximum speed with low latency

VPS / VDS on Intel Xeon - Perfect solution for your personal trading and auto-trading business projects! Maximum processor frequency, high speed DDR4 RAM, SSD disk system, and safe protection of your trades from power outages

For manual and automated trading

Purchase a trading server for a month

With the trading server, you can forget about problems with automated trading strategies. They will work 24/7 all the time! So you can use your computer for yourself and trade at the same time


Light VPS

For simple tasks


Save $10/month
with annual plan

Starter VPS

For simple tasks


Save $15/month
with annual plan

Standard VPS

For daily standard use


Save $21/month
with annual plan


For all trading tasks


Save $31.5/month
with annual plan


For tasks of any kind


Save $40.5/month
with annual plan

24 reviews

24 reviews for VPS for manual and automated trading purposes

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  1. Pete Veasey (verified owner)

    While the VPS server is affordable, it lacks advanced features for intensive trading. It’s suitable for basic needs but may not meet the requirements of more advanced traders. However, these servers run 24/7 without a hitch, making them trully reliable and a perfect fit for my trading needs.

  2. Ian. C (verified owner)

    Quite the reliable VPS and very good support, you can have if you like only use Anydesk and use it in multiple places and also you can have extra desktop screen for all didiferent markets and using different charts. Quite good and fast and i have had never any problem.

  3. William Holguin (verified owner)

    I gotta give a shoutout to the support team over at this platform. So, I hit ’em up, right? And man, was I pleasantly surprised by how fast Max got back to me. Dude didn’t just shoot me some generic response; he hooked me up with all the login deets I needed, making sure I could jump onto the platform without a hitch. That kind of service? It’s next level, man. Shows they’re all about keeping customers happy. Anyway, I’m stoked with how everything went down, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be sticking with these guys for the long haul.

  4. Tina Mandy James (verified owner)

    Reliable VPS, great for both manual and automated trading. Excellent support, but slightly pricey.

  5. Ms Pascoe (verified owner)

    Thumbs up for the basic $ effective VPS server! Its location in the U.S. significantly reduces trading delays, aligning perfectly with my expectations. The dedicated support team adds another layer of satisfaction, addressing all queries promptly. A straightforward and reliable choice for traders in need of a solid VPS solution.

  6. Dave Bates (verified owner)

    Opting for a VPS server was a game-changer – cheap, fast, and precisely what I needed. These servers are more than adequate for day trading, offering a reliable solution for leaving the trading system running 24/7. A perfect fit for my trading needs.

  7. Miss Catherine T (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery, earlier than expected. Great value compared to others. Exceptional service.

  8. Richard Ellis (verified owner)

    Lightning-fast response from Max! Provided all login details promptly. Exceptional service. Arrived earlier than expected. Great value.

  9. KEITH TIDMARSH (verified owner)

    Hello everyone,

    I’d like to share my experience with remote trading – it’s incredibly convenient. I can operate from my less powerful laptop and access numerous charts without overloading my computer. This SETUP proves especially handy during business trips.


  10. all is good (verified owner)

    I highly recommend it. It was only after acquiring your server that I discovered the capability to connect to a remote computer through my phone or tablet, effectively transforming it into an access point for my trading terminal.

  11. of Mike Skinner (verified owner)

    Excellent for maintaining continuous trading strategies. The convenience it offers is exceptional. I prefer to utilize my own strategies, but I must commend the impeccable performance of the servers, even though my strategies are quite complex and resource-intensive.

  12. Adam (verified owner)

    Godo VSP server for tradign. Espcially with 3 montior setup that they provid on reqeust. Quite usefull, haven’t seen it anywhere esle.

  13. Philip Smith (verified owner)


    It’s very strange that you don’t write that the server has the ability to handle multiple monitors at once. This is a unique feature. I see it for the first time.

  14. Sue G. (verified owner)

    it’s a good thing the servers are located in the U.S. It really reduces the delay in trading. Works as expected.

  15. Russell Bennett (verified owner)


  16. Kirsty (verified owner)

    Basic VPS server, nothing to say about it.
    Dedicated support, that can answer all your questions in a shortest period of time

  17. nickd (verified owner)

    Great servers. Perfect for my needs – leave the trading system running 24/7

  18. David Godfrey (verified owner)

    Adequate servers for day trading. While not the ultimate solution, they suffice for daily usage.

  19. Lewis (verified owner)

    Cheap and fast – all I needed.

  20. Cathryn (verified owner)

    Arrived very promptly within a couple of hours, earlier than I’d anticipated which was great. Good value too compared with others

  21. Parker (verified owner)

    Really pleased with the quick response from Max, he sent me all the details required for me to login fast, very good service

  22. Portmone1s (verified owner)

    Thank you. These servers are worth the money.

    • mascapitalglobal

      Thank you.

  23. Jonathan Torres (verified owner)

    Very good thx

    • mascapitalglobal

      Thank you for the feedback
      We’re happy to help.

  24. mloneroo (verified owner)

    Very reliable and stable servers. I recommend this service!

    • mascapitalglobal

      Thank you.

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