For NinjaTrader 8 Trading Platform

Free indicators pack

Tools that give you an advantage in day trading. Absolutely free, one click download, installation in less than 5 min.


Trading Business Without Risking Your Own Capital

Futures day trading funding

Anyone can enter and get the funding! It will take out the risk from your own capital and stress of losing the money. Suit for all of those that are looking to earn extra income without risking any capital.


Fast Computers Made For Trading

Virtual servers for trading

Remove day trading / auto-trading solution that allows you to have access to your computer and trading setups using any device from any point in the world with internet connection.

With Masentry Trading Indicator

Bring trading to a new level

Indicator, which shows the possible entry points with the information about possible risk/reward of a trade. With email notification feature, signals recording into the log file and more!

With Free 14 Days Trial Included

Auto-Trading systems

β€œSet it and forget it” approach of automated systems can help reduce emotions significantly. By avoiding the management of positions, auto-traders can ideally limit the emotional roller coaster of discretionary trading.

πŸ€– Masentry Auto-Trader – Ninja Trader 8

$899.00 available on subscription from $89.00 / week
MASENTRYvAutoTrader is the latest generation of auto-traders. This trader uses a combination of price action rules to enter the market, allowing you to get rid of the problem of "lagging indicators". Inside the trader we managed to realize few powerful filtering parameters, that will prevent entering in choppy market, use only correct entry setups and follow the direction of the market. When you buy this product, in addition you will get it:
  • Remote- installation and setup (if required by client)
  • Stoploss strategy
  • Integrated ATM
  • Risk/reward settings
  • Break-even setting
  • Auto-trail system
  • 3 type of setups to enter the market
  • Chopp filtering settings
  • Safety Multipliers
  • Technical support
and more...

High Performance

Greater than 50% of all market activity is made by algorithms, it has become increasingly difficult, for screen-based traders, to compete against much faster bots


Auto-Trading benefits

Using Auto-Traders to trade on your behalf is an entirely different workflow than conventional screen-based trading. Much faster workflow


Tutorial and Instruction

Tutorials with step-by-step instructions for setting-up the Auto-trader included. Templates for fast auto-trader setup inside as well


Free Updates and Releases

For greater performance, optimized navigation, unmatched market analysis capabilities, and updated algorithms you will get regular updates


No Emotions

Auto-Traders, unlike humans, are always ready to pounce at the microsecond when all the stars align. They will also handle all the trade management.


Training and Support

We provide Email, Skype and Remote Connection support to ensure that you will get top level experience working with our products.