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Free indicators pack

Tools that allow you to get an advantage in intraday trading. Absolutely free. One click download, installation in less than 5 min.

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With MASvEasytrade Add-on

Fast market limit entries

The indicator allows you to enter the market with limit orders by clicking on any point on the chart

With MASvStats Indicator

More correct trading decisions

The indicator helps to identify key market parameters to take the right calls

With MASvBar Indicator

Filter the noise from the market

The indicator filters the noise on the chart using the color filter and the overall price trend

With MASvRisk Indicator

Place right stops & measure your risk

Using only one mouse button, measure the possible risk of the trade and the profit from it



Much faster way of entering to the market. Place stop limit orders anywhere on the chart just by clicking.

  • CTRL + Left Click = Place Short Limit Order
  • SHIFT + Left Click = Place Long Limit Order
  • SHIFT + SPACE = Flatten Everything


The indicator gives more information about the market, which is necessary for profitable trading. It shows the size of the candles, which allows you to know in advance your risk, shows the dominant forces in the market, the direction of movement based on internal calculations, and the possibility of entry into the market, if any.



Indicator will help you to be on the right side of the market. It shows you main market direction, filter the noise and helps you to see the direction of the market much better. 



MASvRisk allow you to draw Risk / Reward ratio anywhere on the chart just by clicking on the mouse wheel. 

  • Mouse middle-click below bar – RR Ratio for short
  • Mouse middle-click above bar – RR Ratio for Long
  • Mouse middle-click same bar – removes RR Ratio

## UPDATE FROM 12/06/2021 ##

– MASvVol removed from the pack
– MASvStats added to the pack
– Bug fix

## UPDATE FROM 21/05/2021 ##

– Indicator Speed Optimization [MASvEasytrade]
– Improved Entry Indication [MASvEasytrade]
– Added “Flatten Everything” Feature [MASvEasytrade]