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NinjaTrader automated trader

Automated Strategy

Unlock unparalleled results with our unique trading strategy for NinjaTrader - JStrategy trade only 1 or 2 times a day in the same market with an operating principle that sets it apart from any other strategy currently available. Try it for free and experience the difference!

Unique approach

The unique approach sets it apart from others and allows it to stand out in the competitive field of market trading.

Works for results

Test the strategy and you will see results within a week. This will give you a clear understanding of its effectiveness and help you determine if it aligns with your goals.

Price action is the key

Our strategy is built on price action, making it free from lagging indicators and enabling us to achieve outstanding results.

Support 24/7

Our team is available 24/7 to assist you in achieving optimal results with our add-ons and answer any questions you may have about our products.

Any futures market

Strategy is effective across all futures markets, including indexes, energy, and metals. It's designed to work on all of them at the same time.

Frequent updates

We are continuously improving our automated trader by incorporating additional features to enhance trading performance and customer satisfaction.

With a FREE trial of the trading strategy

Experience the full automation

We are confident you will be impressed with its performance. Our expert support team will assist you with setup and optimization to ensure you achieve the best results.

Try it now and see the difference for yourself. Don't miss out, try our strategy today for free!

Download 14-day trial for free

No more trades in the CHOPP

Minimum trades - Maximum result

J Automated Strategy is an AutoTrader that utilizes a unique approach to trading. With a focus on maximum efficiency, the system only enters the market a maximum of two times per day, and only when there is a significant move in the market.

This approach allows the system to expertly catch large market slides, providing users with the opportunity to capitalize on these profitable trades.


Fastest strategy deployment ever

Start using it in less than 5 MIN

We understand the importance of time and efficiency in the fast-paced world of trading. That's why we've designed our system to be incredibly easy to set up and run, with the entire process taking only 5 minutes of your time.

A new level of automated trading & management

Performance worthy of respect

The strategy is built in such a way that it trades on several markets simultaneously, which allows it to stabilize performance and flatten the yield curve through different instruments. It's worth a try!


24 hours 7 days a week

We can manage it for you

Let us handle automated market strategy for you. Contact team@mascapital.uk for more information on how we can manage and automate the process for you. Sit back and watch the results!



NT 8

J Automated Trader

Set it up with 0 knowledge

Detailed how-to-use guide

Our automated trading strategy comes with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that makes it easy to set up, even if you have no prior knowledge. The guide provides detailed instructions on how to use the strategy, allowing you to get it up and running quickly.


1 Month

1 Month subscription plan
$ 349 /1 month
  • Autmated strategy support
  • Templates library access
  • Access to recent updates
  • Access to templates updates
  • Templates combinations
  • Remote support on request
  • New features request

6 Months

6 Months subscription plan
$ 290 /1 month
  • Autmated strategy support
  • Templates library access
  • Access to recent updates
  • Access to templates updates
  • Templates combinations
  • Remote support on request
  • New features request

12 Months

12 Months subscription plan
$ 220 /1 month
  • Autmated strategy support
  • Templates library access
  • Access to recent updates
  • Access to templates updates
  • Templates combinations
  • Remote support on request
  • New features request


Lifetime access
$ 3490 /one-time
  • Autmated strategy support
  • Templates library access
  • Access to recent updates
  • Access to templates updates
  • Templates combinations
  • Remote support on request
  • New features request

Fully adjustable

The Automated Trader is designed to be highly adaptable to any market, thanks to its exceptional accuracy in analyzing historical data, making it an ideal solution for traders seeking to optimize their performance in any market condition.

Positive R/R ratio

An automated trading strategy employs a positive risk-reward ratio in 99% of cases. This means that for every dollar at risk, the potential gain is greater. This approach helps to ensure that the strategy is profitable in the long run.

Balance & equilibrium

Autotrader utilizes multiple markets to execute trades simultaneously, enabling you to diversify your risk across various instruments and avoid trading in a market that is not favorable. It helps to reduce overall risk and increase the rate of successful trades.

Strategy with ready-to-use approach

Easy to setup & manage

Simplify your trading process with our pre-configured automatic strategy. Our team has ensured that the installation and setup process is seamless, allowing you to begin trading with ease. Simply utilize the ready-to-use market templates and let the strategy run automatically.

The feedback we received after the closed testing

Before publishing the automated strategy to the general public, we conducted a closed test among our subscribers, clients, and just subscribers. Here is what they say about J Strategy:

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have chosen to withhold personal information such as names in any testimonials or feedback shared on our website. Rest assured that all feedback used to promote our services is genuine and provided by satisfied clients.

Test it for FREE!

Download the version and test its reliability before making a purchase. Try it now and see the results for yourself! No credit card is needed.


32 reviews

32 reviews for Ninjatrader Automated Trader – JStrategy

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  1. CVMS Climatic (verified owner)

    I’ve just had a chat with a gentleman who provided exceptional customer service. Their work is top-notch, and their dedication to customer satisfaction is outstanding.

  2. Simon (verified owner)

    I just want to start off by saying a huge thank you for extending the test period! I really appreciate it. I took my time testing out the strategy for about three weeks before finally deciding to go for a half-year subscription. And boy, am I glad I did! The results during the test period were fantastic: I managed to rake in +$8445 on the test account in just 10 days, and a solid $4000 on my main account in around 5 days, specifically on one of my Apex accounts. After seeing such promising numbers, I didn’t hesitate to purchase the strategy. Let’s keep this momentum going! Looking forward to working together!

  3. Mr Ron Lawson (verified owner)

    I’ll agree with the people below on some points. The strategy does produce pretty good results, which is surprising given its simplicity and ease of customization. The automated system trades on several markets simultaneously, which in theory (and as it turned out in practice) allows you to diversify your risks. The result is not always as great as it may seem, because there are weeks when despite everything the strategy is still at a slight minus. But it’s worth noting that this drawback is more than covered by the profit when you get a new set of settings and the auto-trader becomes super profitable again. I’m glad I added it to my arsenal. But it only works on a fairly large account.

  4. Denis Canning (verified owner)

    Top support.

  5. Gemma (verified owner)

    Straight forward Auto-trader and if you dont have enough money you can use only Micro markets and this is good income even with small money.

  6. MR NIGEL PRESTON (verified owner)

    High resulst,, but you must make sure you have good deposits in your bank as it can have high drawdowns,,, with that taken care of you aim for sky.

  7. Chris, Glasgow (verified owner)


  8. David Owens (verified owner)

    FINALLY! breakeven and stop following inside an amazing strategy! Bought!

  9. Mohammad Hilal Anwar (verified owner)

    Smooth setup, impressive features. Recommend!
    Mohammad here! I’m happy with this product’s efficiency and intuitive design. Setup was a breeze, and the features exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended for anyone seeking seamless performance and value for their money!

  10. Grumpy Granny (verified owner)

    I gotta say, I’ve been really blown away by the way you operate. Your dedication to serving traders with top-notch resources and tools is something special. It’s clear you’re not just in it for a quick buck; you’re genuinely committed to helping folks succeed in the market. In an industry where transparency can sometimes be lacking, your honesty and reliability are like a breath of fresh air. If you’re serious about trading, I can’t recommend your products and services enough. You’re the real deal!

  11. Bryan Smith (verified owner)

    Expressing gratitude for the free period! The J Strategy proved its worth during the trial, leading to a full license purchase. Looking forward to further developments and enhancements. A sincere thank you for a product that stands out in the crowded trading tool landscape. Respect

  12. Peter S (verified owner)

    Introduced by a friend for the ‘Free Indicators.’ Currently testing the strategy.

  13. Sandra (verified owner)

    Top-notch support, fast problem-solving. Impressed with the quick process and issue resolution.

  14. John Wilford (verified owner)

    Intriguing strategy using multiple markets. Stabilizes profit curve effectively. Considering incorporating it into my own system.

  15. Ian Balcanquall (verified owner)

    A solid strategy, though requires more capital. Adapted for my small account with micros. Universality is a plus.

  16. Mr Robert Goodrum (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality strategy with detailed online descriptions. Value for money. Regular updates keep it top-notch.

  17. mike (verified owner)

    As someone who isn’t particularly computer-savvy, I often find the process of setting up a strategy to be quite challenging.

    However, with the help of the site’s team via the AnyDesk program, I was able to successfully set up the strategy. After leaving it to run for a while, I am delighted to report that the results have been excellent. It’s clear to me that the future lies in algorithms and automated trading

  18. Aneta (verified owner)

    Great. Thank you.

  19. Richard Eccles (verified owner)

    Thank you for providing me with the one-month trial period. I wanted to thoroughly test the effectiveness of the strategy, and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. This algorithm is the only one that has consistently yielded remarkably positive results, even after extensive testing of various strategies.

  20. Mr Roberto Blanco (verified owner)

    Hello. I am writing to seek assistance regarding my lifetime license, which has unfortunately ceased functioning as of today. Remarkably, it worked flawlessly for two months prior to this issue. Upon inspection, I received an alert stating that the license associated with my ID is currently inactive. This predicament emerged following a recent servicing of my computer.

    I attempted to contact you via email at team@mascapital.com, but regrettably, it appears that this address is not in operation.

    I would greatly appreciate your prompt attention and resolution to this matter. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  21. Paul Henderson (verified owner)

    The strategy itself is undeniably intriguing, showcasing profitability without a doubt.

    However, it comes with one crucial caveat: a constant need to closely monitor and adjust the templates being used. It’s far from a ‘set and forget’ approach, demanding ongoing attention and adaptability

  22. Chris Watts (verified owner)

    I’ve found that the template set called “12-JUN” continues to work exceptionally well. It has consistently produced the desired results for me. On the other hand, I must confess that my luck hasn’t been too favorable when using the latest templates. They just haven’t been as effective as the tried and true “12-JUN” set. Despite this, I remain hopeful and open to exploring other options in the future.

  23. Mr Steve Reynolds (verified owner)

    I express my gratitude for the 1 month free period – this is rare. I was satisfied with the strategy, so I bought a full license, thank you! I look forward to further development of this product.

  24. Christine Akers (verified owner)

    …Using multiple markets at the same time is awesome! It works great, although the strategy is quite simple

  25. Mr Badulescu (verified owner)

    strategy requires a time-consuming initial installation. It takes a certain amount of time to load all the templates. Thankfully, all templates are ready and there is no need to optimize the strategy yourself

  26. Elaine (verified owner)

    This strategy is like a trusty tool in your trading toolbox. It’s simple, but it gets the job done, making it user-friendly and effective!

  27. Peter (verified owner)

    Proftibale strategy is all I wanted. Works great.

  28. Richard (verified owner)

    One of my friends introduced me to this website since there is this ‘Free Indicators’. Now trying the strategy.

  29. C Birnie (verified owner)

    Top support
    Very nice interaction and understanding of the customers. Fast problem-solving and user-friendly process.
    Pleasantly surprised of how fast the process went and the problem got solved!

  30. breda (verified owner)

    interesting strategy, as it uses multiple markets at the same time. In practice it really narrows down the profit curve and stabilizes the PnL.
    need to take this approach to my own system. tY

  31. D-Lou (verified owner)

    Nice one. but you need more capital for this. I was able to make it work for my small account with micros. Thankfully it is universal

  32. Roy Hayward (verified owner)

    Excellent quality strtategy with full description on line. Good value.Kept fully up to date with updates.Thank you.

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